Own a Bench Advertising Business!

This Illuminated Ad Bench Sits Anywhere and Can Make You Money!


Easily locate merchants in your area (grocery stores, malls, retail stores, office complexes, convenience stores etc.) and obtain their permission to place your Backlit Indoor Advertising Bench (patent pending)  inside their store entry. Now customers have a place to sit, and you have a new income source from your own bench advertising business! This can be repeated over and over. By selling advertising on your adbenches, you could make between $100.00 and $500.00 per month from each of your own bench ad locations.

You can easily build this highly profitable, part-time or full time bench advertising business and start with very little money! The cost of the bench is an investment that could pay for itself in about 6 months. Then your bench becomes an asset, and you should be able to borrow against it to buy more benches and continue the business cycle! The best part is this business could be operated out of your home with very little monthly overhead and the store owner will also make money!  Let me show you how.

Most convenience stores and supermarkets have over 25,000 visitors monthly! That is as much as a some billboards, only they walk right by your ad benches! How many retail stores do you have in a 2 hour drive radius? Hundreds or possibly thousands? They are all potential locations for this new income source.

Own a bench advertising business and you should start making money shortly after your sample bench arrives!

I have been helping entrepreneurs like you, for years make money in the City Transit Bus Bench business at www.Bizkits4u.com. But these backlit adbenches are different as they situated on private property! You do NOT need city-bus-transit approval for these inside adbenches! They cost about the same to own, but without the red tape and maintenance. This is a new advertising venue that can start making you money immediately! These backlit ad benches (patent pending) are available in 3 sizes and price ranges. The 4 foot economy model, 4 foot standard bench, and the 6 foot standard bench with two ad spaces. Painted black, they are approximately 37″ tall and weigh from 47 pounds to 90 pounds depending upon the model.

With your order, you will receive complete information in my business startup manual and other related information! I will teach you how you can make money in this new Bench Advertising Business and show you step by step the best ways to do it! Since 2002 I have been helping business owners start their own Outdoor Billboard Business at www.BillboardBusiness.com. Your order includes the complete business startup information packet and our 4′ economy backlit advertising bench that you can use as a demo model. As your business grows, you have the option to upgrade to the standard benches constructed of heavier materials and offering expanded advertising space.

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