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Our New State of the Art, Patent-Pending, Hi-Definition Digital Ad Benches Feature Multiple Advertising Messages!

Easily locate merchants in your area (grocery stores, malls, retail stores, office complexes, convenience stores, restaurants, liquor stores, bowling alleys, etc.) and obtain their permission to place your Digital Indoor Advertising Bench inside their store. Now customers have a place to sit, and you have a new income source from your own High-Definition Video Display Bench Advertising Business! This can be repeated over and over. The big income advantage of our Digital Ad Bench program is that you can feature multiple advertisers on one bench in a continuous and engaging video or slide show loop. Numerous ads provide you with multiple revenue streams from each bench you place. In most stores, your individual ad fees could be between $100 and $175 per each of the 15 possible ads, monthly, so it may be possible to expect earnings of $1,500 to $2,625 per bench on an ongoing basis depending on the ad rates you set! You can show all your commercial ads in either video or slide show formats and in high definition! Once set up and running, your investment in our Digital Ad Bench program could pay for itself quickly and will provide you with an ongoing income whether you’re an entrepreneur or store owner!

Retail store or business owners…. if you have a average amount of foot traffic in your establishment, it is possible to make money from a small area of unused floor space! Just place a Digital Ad Bench inside your store. It immediately becomes a rest area for your customers and a visual focal point for ad messages from your fellow business owners. Many of your advertisers are likely to be your own customers! Along with each Digital Ad Bench, we provide a free business manual explaining how to help make this program a success. These Digital Benches are controlled by you through your home office PC or your own laptop from anywhere on the internet! The flexibility of digital messaging gives you the opportunity to include your own promotions or timely in-store announcements. Along with your paying advertisers, you are able to feature information on the bench that will appeal to shoppers to help your own business grow.

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Place these benches where people eat, shop and play. Income potential up to 15 advertisers per bench, each paying $100.00 to $175.00 monthly from each bench location!

You could easily build this highly profitable, part-time or full-time indoor advertising business and start with very little money! The cost of these new digital ad benches is an investment that could pay for itself in about 6 months or less. Then your indoor video display benches become an asset, and you should be able to borrow against them to buy more and continue the business cycle! The best part is this business could be operated out of your home and the benches controlled through your online dashboard! This is not a franchise but your opportunity to start a indoor billboard network of video ad benches in various retail businesses! Work from your home office with very little monthly overhead and the store owner will also make money! Let me show you how.

Most convenience stores and supermarkets have over 45,000 visitors monthly! That is as much as some billboards, only they walk right past your video display bench ads, at eye level display! How many retail stores do you have in a 2-hour drive radius? Hundreds or possibly more? They are all potential locations for your new income source and we also offer an economy bench for the smaller stores or businesses.

Own one of these indoor video supermarket advertising benches and you should start making money shortly after your video benches arrive! Start your path to your financial freedom and be your own boss! This is not a get rich scheme, it will require some effort to build your future!

For years, I have been helping entrepreneurs like you make money in the city transit “Bus Bench” business, but our NEW low-cost digital video ad benches are easier to place, offer more income and are easier to manage. These are situated on private indoor property so you don’t have to deal with any city red tape or maintenance issues. This is a new advertising venue developed by Bill Silverson that could start making you money immediately! This new digital video bench is painted black and is approximately 37″ tall, 48″ wide and weighs about 115 pounds.

We also have assembled a separate Digital Advertising Business Manual that you receive absolutely free with your Digital Ad Bench.  In this information packed manual, I will show you how you it is possible to make money with this unique form of advertising and teach you step by step the best ways to do it!

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