About Us

With over 40 years of knowledge and experience in creating and building billboard and bench advertising venues, Bill Silverson continues to evolve and explore new methods to provide innovative advertising opportunities for both small, local businesses and retail corporations.


His latest approach to establishing top of mind imaging is with his patent-pending Smart Bench advertising program which features a unique, custom-designed, first of its kind Indoor-Video-Advertising-Bench. This bright high-definition digital display bench can be programmed with either a video or a slide-show presentation. These dynamic visual presentations will definitely attract attention for any advertising message. It’s the newest and brightest way to feature products and services of any size business in a way that can’t be ignored. We’ve been building advertising benches for over 40 years and are proud to offer this first of its kind concept in an indoor video bench that can be remotely controlled from your computer!

With his production facility located on Cape Cod, Bill is all set up and ready to build and deliver his Smart Benches wherever they can be used to grab attention and produce a money making marketing venue for any business environment.

Silverson has owned several Outdoor Billboard and Bench Advertising companies and several “TV5 The Movie Channel” broadcasting stations throughout Iowa. He was nominated for board of directors for National MDS Broadcaster Association and has held a Ham radio license WA0ATR since 1964. The images on this page show some of the facilities in Iowa prior to Silverson moving to Cape Cod.

You can confirm-validate Silverson’s address and information by clicking on the Federal Communication Commission data base link below and the enter:  WA0ATR  in the ‘License Search” box.


Or you can click on the QRZ link below and enter  WA0ATR  in the box on the upper left side.



Now, any store’s bench space can be turned into profits with no investment for store owners. Plus, they get a free ad!

Made in the USA . . . a product of Cape Cod