Back-Lit Ad Panels

We currently offer two models of our Back-Lit Ad Panel product. Each is made for indoor use, features an attractive, contemporary design and commercial grade construction and offers the advantage of a small foot print that creates highly visible advertising messages in limited store spaces.

One is 24” x 24” x 1.5” and can be used as a counter display (counter stand sold separately) or hung on a wall. This unit is available with black or white frames.

The second model has a display panel measuring 12″ x 24″ x 1.5″ on a free-standing metal base that stands 42″ tall and comes finished in black or white.

Every Back-Lit Ad Panel offers a unique design customized to optimize the needs of each advertiser with a special “look” for his or her brightly lit advertising message. This message can stand on its own or be superimposed over an attractive background image which creates unlimited variations. Or, multiple Back-Lit Ad Panels can be duplicated with the same look and used in different locations to create an effective branding program for clients looking to establish a market identity. Because this a totally new and relatively inexpensive advertising approach that offers so much visual flexibility for the consumer marketplace, getting clients for your Back-Lit Ad Panel business requires only a minimal amount of time and effort, yet can offer you a steady income stream for many years to come.

Depending on the exposure value of the location in terms of traffic and demographics, your monthly advertising income could be from $100.00 to $250.00 per month. If you share 35% with the location owner and you keep 65% of the monthly ad fees, you can easily generate an annual income of $780.00 to $1,950.00 per back-lit Ad Panel placement. With just 20 locations, your business would produce from $15,600 to $39,000 annually. Since it is recommended your advertisers agree to at least a 6 month to 1 year agreement that leaves you plenty of time to find more locations and new advertisers. Also, you could easily cover a 2 hour drive radius of your home for this type of business. How many retail stores do you have in a 60 mile radius?




The start-up cost and the risk are low for this unique business opportunity. Just purchase one Ad Panel, read the business manual and get started!

The Back-Lit Advertising Business Guide (FREE with Your First Order!)

This small, fact filled training manual is designed to help you get started and be successful in no time!

This information is priceless, but the manual is absolutely free with the purchase of your first Ad Panel.

Some of the information contained inside is listed below:

1. Where to locate potential advertisers-sponsors – a list of the top 25 categories.

2. Sales agreement that can be customized and printed with your business information.

3. A list of effective selling points about the Back-Lit Ad Panel.

4. How to determine what price to charge for advertising and understanding CPM.

5. Information and illustrations on how to maintain your new Ad Panel.



In-store Promotional Materials include:

– Double sided  Table top tent 4″w x 6″h that can be used on a counter near the register.

– Wall or counter Poster 11″w x 17″h.

– Hand out informal sheet 8.5″w x 11″h.

*Note: the above 3 items can be copied and placed throughout a store to help promote your Ad Panel.

As with any business plan, your success depends upon the amount of effort you invest! The opportunity however is real!