A New Opportunity for Success with Your Own Instore Advertising Business

with Our Entirely New Indoor Digital Billboards Built Into a Video Advertising Bench Capable of Showing Multiple Advertisers!



To help guide you through the process we have assembled a package of information that will be very helpful in developing your new advertising business.

This fact-filled training manual is designed to help you get started with your digital signage displays and be successful in no time! It is loaded with priceless information!

Some of the information included:

  1. How and where to find indoor locations for your new in digital advertising benches.
  2. Where to locate potential advertisers-sponsors – a list of the top 25 categories.
  3. Sales agreement that can be customized and printed with your business information.
  4. A list of effective selling points about these digital multi-ad advertising benches.
  5. How to determine what price to charge for your advertising and understanding CPM.
  6. Information and illustrations on how to maintain your new high-definition digital ad bench.
  7. All about the client’s ad design, production, how much to charge and where to have it made.
  8. Direct mail pieces for sales and finding new locations that you can copy and use.
  9. In-store promotional pieces for locating advertisers.
  10. And much more to help you get started!
  11. How to start a digital signage business with indoor video ad benches!

PLUS – FREE phone advice and assistance for the first 30 days!

In this current economy, everyday bricks and mortar businesses are faced with the growing problem of how to reach their customers effectively on a constantly slimmer ad budget. Also, with the stiff competition from Amazon and online sellers, community store owners are seeking additional forms of income.

Here is an opportunity to begin building something for yourself and your family.  I have owned several billboard companies, a bus bench advertising business, cable television and even a television station license, but I am most excited to have developed this new indoor medial high-definition digital ad bench that has the ability to generate a respectable monthly income from numerous advertisers. This “collective advertising” approach allows you to keep the individual ad costs low to help make selling much easier.

Order your Digital Advertising Bench Model and FREE Business Manual today and get started on your new career!

If you have questions, please contact me by phone or email, and I will be happy to answer your questions!


Bill Silverson


In-store Promotional Materials include:

– Double sided Table top tent 4″w x 6″h that can be used on a counter near the register.

– Wall or counter Poster 11″w x 17″h.

– Hand out informal sheet 8.5″w x 11″h.

*Note: the above 3 items can be copied and placed throughout a store to help promote your Digital Ad Benches.

As with any business plan, your success depends upon the amount of effort you invest! The opportunity however is real!



With every Digital Bench order, you will also receive “Bench Assembly and Maintenance Instructions.”