Exclusive Partnerships Available in Certain Market Areas!

We will partner with select entrepreneurs who want to expand their business quickly and have the investment capital to do so. Minimum investment required = $10,000.

We will work with a partner to determine a customized marketing strategy and goals. Based on this plan, we will provide the following:

  • An exclusive market area
  • A start-up supply of back-lit media units at no cost
  • A substantial MSRP discount on all additional back-lit unit orders
  • A business website
  • Design and production for advertiser’s message panels
  • Full and continued training and ongoing business assistance

By partnering with us, you will receive a substantial portion of the monthly advertising profits.

Example of Profitability:

In working with local supermarkets as locations for our indoor back-lit adbench program, we give them 40 percent of the monthly advertising income and keep the balance of 60%. If our 6′ double ad bench brings in $425.00 per ad x 2 ad panels, that generates $850.00 per month. The store would receive approximately $340.00, and the company $510.00 per bench. Assuming each supermarket could use three indoor back-lit benches throughout the store, they would make $1020.00, and the company $1530.00 monthly from that single store location. If the supermarket chain has 100 locations, they would earn $102,000.00 per month in bench advertising fees, and the company $153,000.00 per month. The 60% monthly ad fee is shared between our company and our partner based on agreed percentages.

We offer a full line of indoor back-lit advertising products, designed to make you money!

Do the bright thing, call or email us today and get your back-lit advertising business started.

Email Bill Silverson at info@adbenches.com or call 860-748-5791 – your answers are only a contact away!


Sample “Promotional Materials.” We will customize yours to fit your needs!