The Digital Video Bench Program

You have a reasonable number of customers coming into your store on a monthly basis, and merchants in your immediate area are looking for ways to reach local residents. Many of these local business owners and professionals are your customers – such as realtors, dentists, contractors, chiropractors, specialty retailers, tradesmen, etc.
With the purchase of our economy model ‘Digital Video Bench’, you can create a new income stream by offering local business owners the opportunity for in store advertising to your customers in a uniquely attention-grabbing way with a colorful slideshow or video presentation of their ad messages. The expressive result is an inviting rest area for your elderly customers combined with an ongoing dynamic video presentation of local business ads.

We provide a FREE Business Manual, in-store promotional materials, as well as phone support to help get you started with this new “mini-advertising” business right inside your store. Once the slideshow or video ad is set up, you can run it for as long as you want before making changes to the content. These new Smart Benches have enabled you to go online through your new dashboard and fully control your digital benches. Then simply setup the play schedule and your ads or store promotions will run in a continuous loop in the bench screen! We provide you with a highly rated content management system who will provide your dashboard, content security and the ability for you to create your own ad designs through templates. Their fee for this service is about $10.00 per month per bench. You can determine your own advertising fees and collect ad revenues based on any ad cycle you determine to work best for you – every month, every quarter, semi-annually, etc. You own the ad bench and keep all your income. We suggest trying to include about 15 local advertisers in your slideshow or video presentation, but you can do more or less depending on your situation and market area. The suggested average rate for a smaller retail store with a 15 second ad is $75.00 for each advertiser. Their in-store advertising would run in a continuous loop of 4 minutes, with 15 advertisers each receiving 15 seconds commercial time and then repeat. For a 16-hour day each advertiser would have their ad shown approximately 7,000 times per month. With a potential monthly income of $1,125.00. These in store advertising benches allow you to set the number of advertisers, the daily run times, the ad duration time and you decide what your rates would be! The design and production of the ads can be done locally, or through online sources or by you through your dashboard using provided templates! The costs passed to the advertiser! With your purchase you will receive a Business Operational manual with information on how to operate this business!

Some traditional promotional uses for your media bench: Auto dealers to show their auto inventory, realtors can show their listing inventory, corporations for engaging or announcements to their employees and for supermarket digital advertising. In Restaurants for their customer waiting room to pre-show specials, deserts or employee of the month. Finally, you could offer half the advertising spots to your customers, keep the other half for your promotions and still make approximately $562.00 each month or more!


In-store Promotional Materials include:
– Double sided Tabletop tent 4″w x 6″h that can be used on your counter, near register.
– Wall or counter Poster 11″w x 17″h.
– Hand out informal sheet 8.5″w x 11″h.
*Note: the above 3 items can be copied and placed throughout your store to help promote this advertising opportunity to your potential advertising business owners.

Our Digital Video Bench is not only unique, it could offer you a simple, steady income stream for many years to come from your own indoor advertising business!
To Order the Digital Video Bench, click here. Or call-email us for further information we would be happy to hear from you!
Note: All Smart Benches come with a sheet of plexiglass that covers the entire front of the bench backrest. This protects the video monitor from anyone sitting on the bench.