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How The Business Works!

You can make money two ways with a dealership in your area. We manufacture our indoor Back-Lit Advertising Benches here on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. These are available in three model styles. We also offer a 2’x2′ Back-Lit Indoor Advertising Panel for placement in retail stores on their walls or counter side areas. As a rule most retail stores (such as grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, liquor stores, bowling alleys, movie theaters, hardware stores, Spa etc.) are looking for additional forms of income.

1) Approach them and ask to place your benches or wall ad panels at various locations in their store. Then find a local advertiser (usually one of their store customers) to advertise on the bench or ad panel. As a dealer, the per cartage of the profit you pay to the retailer is up to you and the store owner, though 25% is reasonable. You can also place an “Advertise Here” message on your bench or ad panel to let local merchants know the space is available. This will appeal to local businesses such as: local dentists, chiropractors, lawn care or home remodeling companies, realtors, restaurants etc. Other marketing methods include direct mail, phone calls or direct contact sales. Depending upon the store location, the ad size and the amount of pedestrian traffic, you can charge between $100.00 and $500.00 per month to advertise.


2) Sell a bench or ad panel directly to the store and make a 25% commission from the MSRP. You are free to adjust your own retail sales price. One example: for the 6″ double ad: back-lit advertising bench, the MSRP is currently $1,999.00 plus shipping. You receive a 25% discount off the MSRP. If you sell just one at retail price $1999.00, you would make $500.00. These benches and ad panels have the potential pay for themselves (ROI), from the estimated advertising monthly income in approximately 5 to 7 months. The local retail merchant would then own the bench or ad-panel and keep 100% of the monthly ad rental.


1) You are purchasing an Exclusive Dealership for an area. There are no franchise fees. You will be the owner of this business.
2) We provide full training materials, including various sales and promotional materials.
3) With your dealership you will receive a 2’x2′ indoor back-lit ad panel to use as a demo in your sales.
4) We offer you a 25% discount from our MSRP for our products.
5) We offer a website template to assist you in promoting your business. You only need to register your domain name and set up website hosting.
6) We offer a Turn-Key system
7) You can run the business out of your home part time or full time.
8) No brick and mortar with Inventory and very low overhead.
9) We offer full support

Either you could setup your own advertising business or sell the Benches & Adpanels to local store owners for them to setup in their stores and make 100% of the profits!

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As with any business, there is NO Guarantee of income. Earnings are a direct result of the efforts you use.
The opportunity however, is real and is available to you if you so choose!