Question:  How does this work?

Answer:    We manufacture a new type (patent pending) backlit advertising bench called a Smart Bench, a backlit countertop/wall ad panel and a floor stand backlit advertising panel. These are designed for selling advertising on, when placed inside retail stores (such as Supermarkets, Restaurants, Casinos, Hardware stores, etc.) These benches provide a visually effective way for local businesses to reach POP (point of purchase) customers with their advertising messages For the first time, we are offering this opportunity to entrepreneurs to start this program in their own communities. There are two basic requirements for this program to work, you will need to locate retail stores to place the ad devices in and then find advertisers for them. You and the store owner agree on a percentage, usually 25% to 35% and you keep the balance of the monthly advertising revenues. Also, you can become a dealer for your area and receive a 22% discount and other benefits, plus training.

Question:  How much does it cost to get started?

Answer:  Our lowest priced 2’x2′ backlit wall or counter top ad panel retails for $494.00 and our 6′ premium back-lit double advertising bench retails for $1999.00. There are three other products priced in the mid range.

Question:  What is the difference between back-lit advertising devices and bus benches?

Answer:    These illuminated, eye-catching back-lit LED advertising benches and wall or counter LED ad panels are for inside retail stores of all sizes. These benches and ad panels are then situated in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic usually near the doorways or cash registers. Bus benches, on the other hand, are placed at bus stop locations usually on city owned or public property serving the needs of metro-city-transit bus customers. These usually require permits.

Question:   What size benches do you offer?

Answer:    We offer an economy 4′ light-weight backlit bench for lower traffic areas. We also manufacture two standard heavy duty backlit benches for busy locations – a 4′ model with a single advertising panel and a 6′ model with two advertising panels for double the income opportunity. The benches are available for separate purchase. Our back-lit illuminated ad panels come in 3 sizes: 2’x2′, 2’x4′ and 1’x4′ for interior wall mounting or counter side mounting.

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Question:   How do I know what price to charge advertisers?

Answer:     This is a key question.  Fortunately the advertising industry has a metric that is commonly used across all advertising platforms, including newspapers, outdoor media, radio, television, internet, etc. It is referred to as CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), and in the information you receive this concept is fully covered. The amount of pedestrian traffic a store has determines the amount you would be able to charge for advertising. For instance, Kwik-Trip convenience stores located throughout the Midwest average over 11,000 customers per week or about 42,000 per month. This is about the same ad exposure as the average billboard only here potential viewers walk by the brightly lit Smart Bench or backlit ad panels on the countertops, which are only a few feet away!  Another factor is the type of store where these indoor advertising displays are located. Here on Cape Cod, the fee just to join some local golf courses is $70,000.00. A realtor or jewelry store would pay over $400 per month to advertise in this high value location as compared to an ad bench or ad panel located in a Dollar Store. Retail stores usually draw a specific type of customer and this is beneficial to your rates.

The average range of ad income can be from $100.00 to $600.00 per month per back-lit ad bench and $100.00 to $250.00 per month for back-lit ad panel.  You can also charge a one-time fee for designing and producing the bench ad or the display panel ad for your advertising client.

Question:  Where can I place these Smart Benches or display ad panels?

Answer:    Certain categories of store often draw more pedestrian traffic than other types. Here are a few examples: supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, casinos, liquor stores, truck stops, movie theaters, hardware stores, fitness studios, etc. The owner of the retail store will earn 25% – 30% of your advertiser’s monthly payment. They stand to make monthly income from their unused 8 sq. ft. of floor space or 2 sq. ft. of counter or wall space.  Retailers are always looking for new merchandise or different ways to boost their earnings. The information we supply in this program will help you find locations! And usually customers of the store are the most interested in advertising there!

Question:  Are these backlit benches and backlit display panel ads for outdoors?

Answer:    No these backlit ads are for Indoor Use Only.

Question:  I am not good at art, who does my designs and the printing production of the ad panel?

Answer:    Many print shops and quick-sign companies offer this service. Besides the advertiser’s monthly ad cost, they will pay a low, one-time design and production charge. We can handle this for you. You simply create an account on our website: www.BenchBiz.com upload the basic information your client wants in their ad, we create a design and your client can view and approve it online. Then we produce it and mail it to you. These ad boards are 1/8 inch in thickness, about 11″ in height and up to 45″ length, made of plastic and very light weight. It arrives by UPS or USPS, rolled up and ready for you to place in the bench or ad panel. All this, and more is covered in the business manual you receive with your order.

Question:  Do these Smart Benches or display ad panels come with paying advertisers?

Answer:    No, you are purchasing the advertising displays, free of any advertising contracts. It is up to you to find your inside store locations and advertisers. With your order, you will receive a basic training manual that covers a variety of subjects to help you in your new business. Or you can inquire about our exclusive dealership opportunity for your area, which offers more training, discounts, your own website, the ability to sell the ad benches or ad panels to retailers who prefer setting up their own in-store advertising programs.

Question:  How do I locate paying advertisers?

Answer:    The back-lit business training manual you receive with your order will answer this in detail. However here are several ideas (1) Your ad bench or display panel ads will be placed in  heavy traffic areas, so place an ad on your bench or display ad panels to read “This Space Available” or “Advertise Here” with your phone number. (2) Have some brochures printed and mail them out to local businesses within a 6 mile radius of the store where the advertising displays are placed (3) Stop in to your local businesses and speak with them about advertising. Leave them your business card and a sales brochure. Beside your local businesses such as dentists, realtors, chiropractors, painters, home remodelers, plumbing & heating, travel agents, insurance agents, hardware stores, hair saloons, tax preparer, restaurants, auto dealers, pet stores, landscaping companies, coffee shop, bank, fitness centers, radio station, pizza hut, lumber yards, florist, furniture store, eyeglasses, employment agency, electrician, clinics, computer repair, cable, marine, body shop, loan companies, pest control, jewelry store etc as potential advertisers. You also have the sellers of the merchandise in the store where your advertising displays are located. Example: your backlit ad bench or backlit display panels are located in a supermarket. The local dairy which is selling their milk, cottage cheese or yogurt. Or the local bread bakery or egg producer etc. As you can see, potential advertisers should be plentiful in any market area, especially for a new trend of advertising! Since our advertising products are back-lit, they stand out and draw attention. Even local restaurants, realtors, etc. will be interested in advertising!

Question:  What is included in the backlit advertising startup manual?

Answer:    In 2002 I wrote a book on how to “Build Your Own Billboard or Bench Advertising Business.” This was the first book written covering the outdoor ad business and how to start your own in detail on the internet. Since this book has been available, I have helped hundreds of future entrepreneurs in the outdoor advertising business. (This information is available here: www.BillboardBusiness.com).

In 2018, We designed a back-lit LED advertising Smart Bench made for the indoor retail store industry and applied for a patent on this product (the first LED advertising bench or image bench). We also designed several LED ad display panels for walls, countertops or on a floor stand which display the advertisers message with a colorful, illuminated background. There sizes are 2′ x 2′, 2′ x 4′, and 1′ x 4′.

The timing seemed right since so many retail stores are searching for additional income sources. With these various ad displays, the illumination makes them stand out in the stores and attract shoppers’ attention which is ideal for advertisers.

This small, fact filled training manual is designed to help you get started and be successful in no time!

This information is priceless, but the manual is absolutely free with the purchase of your first back-lit indoor advertising bench or display panel.

Information contained inside is listed below:

  1. How and where to find indoor locations for your advertising displays.
  2. Where to locate potential advertisers-sponsors – a list of the top 25 categories.
  3. Sales agreement that can be customized and printed with your business information.
  4. A list of effective selling points about the Back-lit indoor advertising benches or panels.
  5. How to determine what price to charge for advertising and understanding CPM.
  6.  Information and illustrations on how to maintain your new back-lit ad bench and ad panel.
  7. All about the clients ad design, production and where to have it made.

AND FREE phone advice and assistance for the first 30 days!

Question: Do I use Your Smart Bench or BenchBiz name in my business name?

Answer: No you are not buying a franchise or guaranteed market area so you are free to use your own company name. This would be your own business and you are your own boss, the more successful you are, the more successful we are. However, there is an additional opportunity as we are looking for dealers in various markets and invite your inquiry on how you can earn more money!

Question:    What are your return policies?

Answer:    Please refer to our “Terms & Conditions” page: “Return Policy.”

Question:  What if I have more questions?

Answer:    We invite you to call us at: (774) 255-1874 office or my personal cell: (860) 748-5791 and email us at: info@adbenches.com