Question:  How does this work?

Answer:    We manufacture a new type of in store smart advertising benches with digital display screens and controlled by a digital signage player. Each video advertising bench is capable of multiple advertisers on them allowing you, the owner multiple streams of monthly income! When placed inside retail stores (such as Supermarkets, Restaurants, Casinos, Hardware stores, digital lobby signage etc.) These video ad benches provide a visually effective way for local businesses to reach POP (point of purchase) customers with their advertising messages. Ideal for selling advertising in grocery stores or advertising in retailing stores! For the first time, we are offering this new opportunity to entrepreneurs to start this program in their own communities. There are two basic requirements for this program to work, you will need to locate retail stores to place these in and then find advertisers for them. You and the store owner agree on a percentage, usually 20% to 35% and you keep the balance of the monthly advertising revenues. Also, because these smart signage benches have the capacity to digitally show numerous ads you can offer the store owner free advertising and still have plenty of potential income capacity.

Question:  How much does it cost to get started?

Answer:  We currently offer two options…the economical digital ad bench which is intended for smaller stores and our popular standard size digital ad bench for larger, heavier traffic stores. Also, in final development is our digital double-ad bench. Since our benches are digital, they are capable of showing numerous advertisers in a high-definition video or slide show format with multiple streams of income potential. These ad benches should pay for themselves through their advertising monthly income in a short period!

Question:  What is the difference between digital bench advertising and bus benches?

Answer:  This is a newly designed concept for indoor advertising. This advertising bench offers smart digital signage designed to show numerous advertisers on each bench. The bus benches could offer only one advertiser with a painted ad; however, these new digital benches have the potential to make substantially more advertising revenue per bench because they can show numerous video ads! Just locate areas with heavy pedestrian traffic usually near the doorways or cash registers. Bus benches, on the other hand, are placed at bus stop locations usually on city owned or public property serving the needs of metro-city-transit bus customers and usually require permits.

Question:   What size benches do you offer?

Answer:    We manufacture two standard heavy-duty digital ad benches for busy locations – a 4′ (44″) model with a single advertising panel and available soon, a 6′ model with two advertising panels for double the income opportunity. All our advertising benches come with a digital display screen for advertising and content manage software. Each bench order comes with a FREE Business Manual and Assembly Instruction, operational Manual.

Click Here for Specifications

Question:   How do I know what price to charge advertisers?

Answer:     This is a key question. Fortunately, the advertising industry has a metric that is commonly used across all advertising platforms, including newspapers, outdoor media, radio, television, internet, etc. It is referred to as CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), and in our Business Manual (which is free with your bench order) this concept is fully covered. The amount of pedestrian traffic a store has determines the amount you could charge for advertising. For instance, Kwik-Trip convenience stores located throughout the Midwest average over 11,000 customers per week or about 42,000 per month. This is about the same ad exposure as the average billboard only here potential viewers walk only a few feet away!  Another factor is the type of store where these in store advertising displays are located. In some areas, the fee just to join your local golf course is $70,000.00. A realtor or jewelry store would pay a premium to advertise in this high value location as compared to a Dollar Store location. Usually, the higher the income bracket of the customers or higher the store traffic is the more you can charge! Retail stores usually draw a specific type of customer, and this is beneficial to your rates.

The average range of digital signage bench ads could be from $75.00 to $175.00 per month from each of the advertisers and up to 10 or 15 advertisers on each bench. You can also charge a one-time fee for designing and producing the digital ad for your advertising client. You have control over the number of ads, their run time, number of total ads in the loop etc through the scheduling control in the bench.

Question:  Where can I place these digital signage bench ads?

Answer:    Certain categories of store often draw more pedestrian traffic than other types. Here are a few examples: supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, casinos, liquor stores, truck stops, movie theaters, hardware stores, fitness studios, etc. The owner of the retail store could earn 20% – 35% of your advertiser’s monthly payment or offer them Free advertising on the digital benches.  They stand to make monthly income from their unused 8 sq. ft. of floor space.  Retailers are always looking for new merchandise or different ways to boost their earnings. And usually, the customers of the store are the most interested in advertising there! Place these benches in the busiest area of a store where it is clearly visible, the higher the traffic the more you will be able to charge for your advertising. These digital advertising benches will command a higher price from advertisers since they are designed to set at eye level in high traffic areas and not hanging on the wall in a corner. Since they are designed to make money, they should pay for themselves in a short period of time! These indoor video benches are like indoor digital billboards for advertising and will fit in well in any store environment.

Question:  Are these digital supermarket benches for outdoors?

Answer:    No, these unique visual benches are for Indoor Use Only.

Question:  Do these digital advertising benches come with paying advertisers?

Answer:    No, you are purchasing the digital ad benches, free of any advertising contracts. It is up to you to find your inside store locations and advertisers. This would be your new advertising business and opportunity, it not a franchise. We offer a basic training or business manual that covers a variety of important areas to help you in your new advertising business and future. This information can be viewed here.

Question:  If I start a digital signage company where do I locate the paying advertisers?

Answer:   Here are several ideas (1) Your digital ad benches will be located in heavy traffic areas, so place an ad on your digital signage bench that says: “This Space Available” or “Advertise Here” with your phone number. (2) Have some brochures printed and mail them out to local businesses within a 5-mile radius of the store where the digital advertising displays are placed (3) Stop into your local businesses and speak with them about advertising. Leave them your business card and a sales brochure. Beside your local businesses such as dentists, realtors, chiropractors, painters, home remodelers, plumbing & heating, travel agents, insurance agents, hardware stores, hair salons, tax preparer, restaurants, auto dealers, pet stores, landscaping companies, coffee shop, bank, fitness centers, radio station, pizza hut, lumber yards, florist, furniture store, eyeglasses, employment agency, electrician, clinics, computer repair, cable, marine, body shop, loan companies, pest control, jewelry store etc. as potential advertisers. You also have the sellers of the merchandise in the store where your advertising displays are located! Example: your digital ad bench is located in a supermarket where the local dairy is selling their milk, cottage cheese and yogurt. Or the local bread bakery or egg producer etc. As you can see, potential advertisers should be plentiful in any market area, especially for a new trend of advertising! Since your advertising commercials would be shown in bright high definition, they would stand out and draw attention.  The new concept of video ads on a bench will attract attention. Even local restaurants, realtors, etc. will be interested in advertising! You receive a Free Business Manual that will cover bench sales!

Question:  What is included in the Business Manual?

Answer:    In 2002 I wrote a book on how to “Build Your Own Billboard or Bench Advertising Business.” This was the first book written covering the outdoor ad business and how to start your own in detail on the internet. Since this book has been available, I have helped hundreds of future entrepreneurs in the outdoor advertising business. (This information is available here: www.BillboardBusiness.com or here: www.Bizkits4u.com ).

In early 2019, I designed a new high-definition digital signage advertising bench capable of showing numerous video or slide show images in a continuous loop format for displaying ads inside retail stores and fully controled online through your home office pc dashboard!

The timing seemed right since so many retail stores are searching for additional income sources. The bright indoor illuminated digital signage advertising benches stand out in the stores, with their prime locations, where the customers walk directly past the video ads, at eye level location and visually attract shoppers’ attention which is ideal for the advertisers.

Our, fact filled FREE Business-Training Manual is designed to help you get started with your new advertising business and be successful in a short time!

Some of the Information contained inside is listed below:

  1. How and where to find indoor locations for your digital signage advertising.
  2. Where to locate potential advertisers-sponsors – a list of the top 25 categories.
  3. Sales agreement that can be customized and printed with your business information.
  4. A list of effective selling points about the Back-lit indoor advertising benches or panels.
  5. How to determine what price to charge for advertising and understanding CPM.
  6.  Information and illustrations on how to maintain your new back-lit ad bench and ad panel.
  7. All about the client’s ad design, production and where to have it made.
  8. Several photos of the benches and Samples of direct mail for you to copy and use for finding locations etc.

Question: Do I use your Smart Benches LLC or AdBenches name in my business name?

Answer: No, you are not buying a franchise or guaranteed market area, so you are free to use your own company name. This would be your own business and you are your own boss, the more successful you are, the more successful we are.                                                                                                                                                                                      Smart Benches LLC doing business as AdBenches:  Cape Cod


Question:    What are your return policies?

Answer:    Please refer to our “Terms & Conditions” page: “Return Policy.”

Question:  What if I have more questions?

Answer:    We invite you to call us at: (774) 255-1874 office or my personal cell: (860) 748-5791 or email us at: info@adbenches.com

Smart Benches LLC

 Question:  How Does this Indoor Digital Bench Work Technically?

Answer: Our Digital signage ad benches come with the built-in ability to connect to cmc software that allows you to control the full programming functions including the dates, daily hours, when they turn on & off, the amount of time each spot runs, such as 10, 15 or 30 seconds and the individual advertisers or other content you decide to show. Also, you have the ability to design and make your own ads using the premade hundreds of template designs in your dashboard. You have full control through your computer by the internet to design, build your ads!  From any laptop or pc computer you have control over your entire advertising network of digital ads or other content, through your video screens, placed on your benches. There is a small fee of $10.00 per month, per bench for this service and is payable to an outside software service.

You can show your ads in a slide show format or in a video format. Run them in a loop of 15 advertisers with each advertiser’s ad content viewed for 10, 15 or 20 seconds. Run the loop for 4 minutes with the loop repeating continuously for 8-16 hours per day and seven days per week! Then sell advertising spots on a 6 month or 1-year agreement with your customers. This would give you plenty of time to setup other locations and locate advertisers. You can make changes to the programming content simply going to your online computer!  The above is only an example, you can change the number of advertisers, the amount each advertiser’s ad runs for, the amount of the loop time etc.

Have your video ads, slide show ads or other content made by a local shop in your area, then upload into your online dashboard and setup the programming schedule. Or you can use the hundreds of designed templates in your dashboard and add your personal content by the tools supplied.

Question:  How can one digital signage bench make so much money?

Answer: Each indoor digital bench can show 15 advertisers in a continuous 4-minute loop. Each advertiser’s 15 second ad spot would be viewed 15 times per hour…240 times per day (16-hour day) and 7,000 times per month! If charged only $100.00 per month for Each of the 15 advertisers that is potential income of $1,500.00 per month from each bench you own. Many larger retail stores can handle more than one digital ad bench. You can change the various times or amounts above to meet your market requirements, usually the larger the city the higher the advertising rates. With this projected income your ROI should be impressive!

Most advertising agreements are for 6 months or 1 year, which means you have your 15 advertisers with you for 6 months or 1 year! Outdoor billboard companies work on this same business practice of six months to one year ad agreements, this allows them to cover large market areas for their billboard sales.  This same procedure would enable you to find additional locations for your ad benches with display signage and establish your own advertising network.

Question:  How do I design and make the commercial?

Answer: You will have the ability to design and build the ads using your dashboard provided tools and templates. Or locally you should be able to locate a freelance graphic designer. These can be found online at print shops, advertising agencies, local newspaper, billboard company or web site builders. The cost to develop and produce your commercial ad image or video can be passed onto the customer this is customary in advertising! The cost varies from $125.00 to $270.00 depending upon the ad complexity, your market size and if it is a video or slide image. You then place the image or video in your USB memory card to upload to your pc dashboard. If during the advertisers six month or one year advertising agreement, they want a different ad or a seasonal ad change they would pay an additional production charge.

Question: What is the best way to get started?

Answer: Purchase an Economy digital bench to start with, then learn the features on your dashboard, read the business manual that comes free with the order, make a list of potential businesses where you would like to place your ad benches. Speak with the retailers and offer them a percentage of the advertiser’s income or a free ad on the bench. We offer a USB stick that contains various AdBench images to include in your presentation for under $100.00. Set the bench up and place your digital ad promoting “Advertise Here” with your phone number. Also see if the store owner will place some of your business cards near the cash register. Send out some direct mail (several samples come with the business manual) to potential advertisers and follow up with a phone call or personal visit. There will be some work involved in starting your own business…. but the results should be rewarding. Once you have successfully repeated the above ten times you should be earning a nice monthly income, have some collateral assets and working for yourself!

Question: Do you offer financing?

Answer: Though you can expect a nice ROI with our Video AdBenches which can serve as assets for future loan collateral, you may be looking for immediate startup capital. We have provided several possible independent funding sources for your consideration. Here is a link to financing information