How It Works

These new indoor video advertising benches have the ability for you to sell advertising or promote your own in-store products, or local news and weather. These video benches, playing digital ads or digital slide images are placed where store pedestrians pass right past them and get exposure at eye level. Captivate store customers with colorful, stunning video ads that draw attention! Through your computer dashboard control all your ads and scheduling from your home office, business PC or laptop through the internet! Offering total control of all your digital advertising benches network.

Our Smart Benches offer a plexiglass sheet to protect the screen, with 250 cd/m2 brightness and are able to operate 16/7!

You have the ability to show numerous ads or other content that you develop on your indoor digital screen. We suggest 15 advertisers, each with a 10 or 15 second ad in a continuous 3 or 4-minute loop, though this is entirely up to you.

This continuous 3 or 4-minute loop will show each advertiser commercial approximately 7,000 times per month. If you only charged $100.00 per advertiser per month you could earn $1,500.00 per month from just one bench. Many stores have the prime space for several benches. Sign your in-store advertisers up for a one-year agreement to leave you plenty of time to find new locations and advertisers. It is likely that within a two-hour radius of your location there would be many stores interested. Especially when they could receive a percentage of the monthly income or free advertising on the bench.

These Smart Benches offer energy efficient direct light LED technology for a brilliant image quality, low rate of electricity and a long screen life. 

Since these benches produce advertising income for your new business your ROI should average about 6 months or less, depending upon the rates you charge, the number of advertisers per bench you allow your overhead etc.

The content and ad management for your digital ad benches are controlled through your home office PC or your laptop from anywhere through the internet and your new dashboard! You can upload your customer’s ads, set their display times, days, length of ad, make ad changes etc. You also could design and build your own ads with access to hundreds of provided templates and the tools necessary, all available in your dashboard. Design and build a 10 second ad promoting your business “Advertise Here” with the simple drag and drop capabilities you are provided. Then upload your ad to any of your digital ad benches in your advertising network and wait for potential customers interested in advertising to call you.

Upon your digital adbench purchase, you will need to signup for an account with a content management service. Their fee is only $10.00 to $15.00 depending upon your package you choose, per bench monthly! This includes your own pc dashboard, the ability to control your bench screen management, content security, the ability to design and make your video or image ads.


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