Ads with an Advantage – A New Business Model

Our Digital Video Bench Advertising Program




    • New, unique, patent-pending, “tv style” medium for local advertisers is visually engaging and effective. Placed indoors where the customers walk directly past them in full view!
    • The ‘Hosts” or stores where you place your ad benches will benefit: (1) Offer them a % of the monthly income from advertisers or (2) Offer them Free advertising spots in the ad loop where they can promote their in-store promotions or (3) a combination of both for the prime locations!
    • Ad costs fit most budgets because the video presentation spreads the costs among several advertisers (up to 15 per advertisers per bench) which makes selling ads much easier.
    • Each digital bench can show 15 advertisers in a continuous 4-minute loop. Each advertiser’s 15 second ad spot would be viewed 15 times per hour…240 times per day (16-hour day) and 7,200 times per month!!
    • If charged only $100.00 per month for each of the 15 advertisers that is potential income of $1,500.00 per month from each bench you own. You decide what your advertising rates should be!
    • Most advertising agreements are for 6 months or 1 year, which means when you have your 15 advertisers, they are with you for 6 months or 1 year!
    • These indoor video benches are like indoor digital billboards for advertising, and you decide who will advertise and at what price!
    • Each bench is completely controlled by you! The number of advertisers, your advertising rates, the hours the bench will be on each day and the ability to turn on and off. The digital ad screen is entirely controlled through your home pc or laptop dashboard from anywhere. Daily auto-start and Loop functions are at your control so the content will automatically start and play on a loop.
    • You have the ability to control, replace or add new digital ads from any remote location, such as your home office through your own PC from anywhere by the internet!
    • Your advertiser’s 15 second video or still image ad can be produced by a local in your area, from an online company or on your own dashboard through drag and drop templates. Also, in advertising it is customary for the advertiser to pay the one-time production cost to produce their ad! So, the production cost can be passed on to the advertiser, the one-time cost usually is $120.00 to $245.00 depending upon how complex the visual ad is, this is additional income for you.
    • These sturdy indoor Digital Ad Benches are commercially made here on Cape Cod and come with a protective plexiglass covering for the screen. Built to make you money through advertising and built to last. We offer over 40 years in the bench advertising business.
    • For locating advertisers, many will see your own ad on the bench promoting “Advertise Here” with your phone number, also Direct Mail to merchants within a 4-mile radius works well. The advertising rates of $100.00 to $175.00 per month make it appealing to most potential advertisers!
    • Bench purchase includes a complete instruction manual on how to set up and run this business to ensure success. The manual covers such topics as:
      • Finding high-traffic locations that are magnets for advertisers
      • The best advertisers – how to sell to them and keep them as repeat customers
      • Pricing ads for maximum ROI and continuous monthly profits
      • How to create ads and design a colorful video.
      • How to manage your various digital ad benches from your laptop or home computer from anywhere, including how to upload your ads, setting their play schedule dates and times etc.
      • How to increase your income from the same advertising bench with no extra work
      • And much, much more!
      • Call or email us Now for full information on how to start your own indoor advertising business in your area!