Program Materials

Here’s What You Receive With Your Order:

The complete instruction manual covering everything you will need to start and build your own backlit bench advertising business. Also illustrated brochures, various literature, photographs, forms, sales direct mail samples. Plus a two section, 3 ring display presentation book with a pre-made visual presentation for potential bench locations and the other section is for bench ad sales.

In your instruction manual includes 18 chapters. Some of the chapters are:

1)   How to find advertisers.

2)   Where to find locations for the backlit advertising benches.

3)   Determining how much to pay monthly for the bench location.

4)   How to handle the artwork and production.

5)   Sales agreements and store bench agreement.

6)   How to use and understanding CPM.

7)   Maintaining your backlit bench.

8)   Finding the best spots inside any store to place your bench.

9)   How to assemble your backlit bench.

10) How to install the advertisers ad backboard inside the bench.

11) login and internal client design dashboard.

12) The art of salesmanship.

13) Understanding your product.

14) Simple accounting.

15) What your monthly advertising rates should be.

Plus: Advertising brochures you can copy and use as direct mail to promote your benches to potential advertisers. A sketch form you can use for your clients mock up design, plus posters and fliers you can use to locate potential advertisers. Various literature of the backlit benches for use in your presentation. A visual presentation binder to help explain the program to potential business locations for bench placement. Plus, a visual sales presentation you can use when seeing potential advertising clients and more.

You will also receive a complete backlit economy Ad Bench (patent pending) that you will use as a demo when approaching store owners. This four foot bench is constructed from 14 gauge, 1 1/2″ square tubing bench support and aluminum light box frame for holding the backlit ad board. We also include a  clear plastic covering to protect the printed 1/8″ ad panel diffuser.

Bench specifications for the four foot economy bench.

46″ L x 20″ W x 31″ H

Ad Panel: 45″ x 11″ H

Total Weight:  38 Lbs.

These backlit benches have a sturdy aluminum frame which supports an eye catching ad display printed directly onto a  1/8″ LED panel diffuser. We then use our patent-pending Smart Bench technology to deliver bright illumination to create a unique, colorful, eye-catching ad.

Our thin LED light box operates within a wide 90-264 V AC range with output voltage DC of 24 V DC. Includes an 8′ three prong cord. Your Smart Bench arrives with a preprinted outdoor scene. Some assembly is required.