Ultra-High Definition Digital Video Advertising Bench


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These video ad benches offer a unique opportunity for you to create your own advertising business for a minimal investment. They provide the ideal medium to convey promotional messaging for local business owners and work well inside convenience stores, supermarkets, malls, golf course club houses, casinos, liquor stores, office complexes, apartment complexes, restaurants, colleges, shopping centers, truck stops, retail outlets, trailer courts, office buildings, mortgage companies, movie theaters, fairs, trade schools, fitness centers, theme parks, grocery stores, sporting events, area attractions, bowling alleys, airports, hardware stores, pharmacies, resort, motels, lobby signage, coffee shops, bars, micro breweries, oil and tire changes, doctors offices etc. You control the advertising income. These indoor video benches are like indoor digital billboards for advertising and you decide who will advertise and at what price! You could start your own community advertising network now.

The business principle is very simple and that is why it works so well. First, you place your digital advertising benches in locations with medium to heavy pedestrian traffic, and then you sign up local businesses to advertise on them. Usually, an advertising customer or client will sign a 6 month to 1-year contract with you. This leaves plenty of time for you to build your video bench advertising business in additional areas. Within a one-hour drive from your office, you could cover 50 miles in any direction – how many potential advertisers will you discover in those trips? Each digital advertising bench has the potential of generating $75.00 to $175.00 per month from each advertiser, and we recommend setting up 15 advertisers per bench. The screen layout and number of advertisers is up to you!

To keep the price of the digital benches down and to ensure the bench quality, we manufacture all our benches here on Cape Cod. The digital bench display face is made of a durable clear acrylic plastic which offers protection for your client’s colorful advertisements, the screen, digital signage player and inside components. These state-of-the-art high-definition digital ad benches offer bright, vivid colors to your video or slide show images and attract attention for in store advertising. The bench frames themselves blend in with any store decor and are built with safety in mind. With their digital images, they offer eye pleasing motion and color for every message. We offer two digital ad bench sizes and styles, designed to fit most spaces. Each video bench is capable of showing numerous ads that could offer you a much higher monthly revenue stream. These high-tech digital advertising benches are very effective for your advertisers. They can sell 24 hours per day and 7 days a week in high definition, high resolution vivid colors in a video or slide show format designed to attract attention from people passing by. And through your dashboard you have complete control over all your benches from anywhere! Unlike newspapers with advertising that has to be sold every day, these digital indoor advertising benches simply sit there making you money! Sign your customers up for 6 month or 1 year advertising agreements. The fact is, this is a ground floor opportunity! It’s unlikely that you have you seen these digital video advertising benches in any of your local stores. Our free business manual is included with your order to help you get started in your new advertising business.

The business model or potential income from this new type of digital advertising bench works this way. These ad benches have the ability to show high-definition digital video or slide show commercials continuously. With 15 advertisers for each bench, that each pay only $100.00 per month for their 20 second ad spot, each of their ads would be shown every 2 and one-half minutes or over 8,000 times approximately per month! The income potential could be $1,500.00 per month or with just 5 benches $90.000.00 per year! Your advertising rates could vary depending on the number of the stores, their monthly customer count, etc. but you could expect to earn from $75.00 to $175.00 as a monthly ad rate for each advertiser.

To find locations for these Digital Advertising Benches you have several factors that can greatly help you. In today’s economy store owners are aggressively looking for additional forms of income from their stores. These benches have a small foot print and only take up to about 8 square feet of floor space.

1) You have the ability to offer the store owner a percentage of the monthly gross income. If you offered 30% of the monthly gross advertising income ($1500.00), the store owner would earn $450.00 monthly or $5,400.00 yearly. The percentage offered would be your decision, but from 15 to 35 percent is the norm.

2) Or, you could offer the store owner a free ad on the bench. Their 20 second spot would show over 8,000 times per month and they could advertise or promote their store products to customers who are already in the store and ready to purchase. This video bench has space for numerous advertisers with income from each. If you already own a business, you could have free advertising from your unsold spots!

3) Some stores are just happy to have a bench for their elderly customers to rest and get their breath and require no compensation!

realty ad benchI have been in the outdoor advertising business for over 40 years in the Midwest. I have built and sold several outdoor billboard companies and a bus bench advertising business. For over 40 years I have assembled a wealth of information about the outdoor advertising industry including various forms of bus bench advertising and billboard advertising businesses. I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of young entrepreneurs. I have developed this new indoor advertising method that I believe could be very profitable for you and offer the potential advertiser a great new way to reach new customers in their community.



As with any business plan, your success depends upon the amount of effort you invest! The opportunity however is real! It is always advisable to consult with your attorney and accountant.