Personalized Home Digital Benches



With our new Digital Video Bench you can bring the special moments you captured on your cell phone to life in a large format slide show for everyone to enjoy. Share your memories of the people, pets, places and events that were and are important to you in a totally unique way.

This high-tech piece of furniture is designed to highlight pieces of your life – visual images that express and enhance their significance based on your own input and creativity. You can also add background music, and there are two areas on either side of the monitor to place enlarged photo prints if you wish. (See Note Below)

You can make a peaceful spot in your home or office to sit, relax and relive the memories of your life’s most significant moments.

It’s time to release those images from storage in your phone and bring them to life with our Personalized Home Digital Bench. To order your bench, please click here.

Note: All benches come with a sheet of plexiglass that covers the entire front of the bench backrest. This protects the video monitor and anyone sitting on the bench. In order to add your own graphics to the bench back, this piece of plexiglass will have to be removed and then reattached. This is a simple procedure involving 5 screws and instructions will be provided.